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Eavestroughs are a highly visible and important part of your property. They play a vital role in maintaining the safety of the structure by draining away excess water from the property, but can also be an outlet to showcase ones sense of style and class. Copper eavestroughs are without question the most reliable, long lasting, and esthetically unique option available. If you’re looking for custom copper eavestroughs within Toronto and the GTA, look no further then the experts at Copper Works Canada for all you custom copper eavestroughs supply and installation needs.
Nothing Beats Copper
Eavestroughs made out of other materials such as aluminum, steal or plastic although initially may seem cheaper often end up costing you more money down the road. Steel and Aluminum are both rusting metals, and considering that the main job of your eavestroughs is the removal of water it’s easy to see why these two metals aren’t your best long term options. Plastic options for eavestroughs are initially your cheapest option but often need to be replaced every ten years or so. Copper is a rust free metal, known for its durability and long service life usually up to around 100 years, often lasting longer then the structure it is attached to.
Classically Unique
Copper tends to go through a process of oxidation known as patina, which creates a greenish film on the surface of all weather exposed copper. The natural layer created by this oxidation actually acts as an increased protective barrier against corrosion for copper. As time goes on, and the above mentioned patina oxidation process takes place your custom copper eavestroughs will take on a truly one of its kind appearance. This is due to the unique environmental factors your custom copper eavestroughs will encounter, making them like no other.
Installation… Leave it to the Experts
So congrats you have chosen gutters that are long lasting and efficient, to protect your home from potential water damage. However the reality is that if your eavestroughs are not correctly installed then all the benefits of your custom copper eavestroughs will be wasted. Incorrectly installed gutters are totally useless due to the fact that even the smallest leak in your gutter system will become a very big and expensive mess later on. This is why it’s important to call the experts installers from Copper Works Canada who know what they are doing to install your gutters properly.
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